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   First steps


  Our Overseas Patient Services Department will respond to enquiries by post, telephone or email from  patients interested in coming to the centre for treatment.


  If you are taking specific medications, we will advise you on availability in China and if necessary  recommend that you bring a supply with you.


  We will arrange for a caregiver to be ready to start working for you as soon as you arrive.

  The Kunming International Spinal Cord Injury Centre is a specialised medical unit of the Kunming Tongren Hospital. The Centre’s innovative approach to treating spinal cord injury includes surgical intervention at both acute and chronic stages and intensive rehabilitation therapy. In addition to providing cutting edge treatment for people with spinal cord injury, the Centre conducts ongoing research on neuroprotection and neuroregeneration.   Under the direction of Dr Zhu Hui, the Centre’s team have treated more than 5,000 spinal cord injury patients, both acute and chronic. The results obtained have ...more

Acute spinal injuries

In acute spinal injuries: “early combined vertebral and spinal cord surgery”. In the past, both in China and elsewhere, stabilisation and laminal decompression were the only types of surgery done on patients with injuries to the spinal column and spinal cord. There was no surgery on the spinal cord itself. However, merely stabilising the spinal column without treating the spinal cord injury is an incomplete treatment. In summarising 1,718 cases o...more

Surgery at the chronic stage

Surgery at the chronic stage: We have done surgery on 300 ASIA A spinal injury patients at the chronic stage. The naked eye could see :more

Typical cases

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  • Dr Zhu Hui with Professor Wise Young and colleagues at the Keck Center for Collaborative Neuroscience, Rutgers University, New Jersey
  • Professor Wise Young visits the Centre
  • Professor Xu Xiaoming, Professor Wu Wutian and Ralph Ingersoll discuss a case
  • Pre-surgery discussion with a patient’s family
  • Pre-surgery discussion with a patient’s family


Dr. Wise Young:(Chairman of Committee of Experts, Professor, doctoral candidate advisor,Chairman of China SCI NET)

  Wise Young, Ph.D., M.D. Founding Director, Professor II, The Richard H. Shindell Chair in Neuroscience Rutgers, The State Univ... more