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Acute spinal injuries

In acute spinal injuries: “early combined vertebral and spinal cord surgery”. In the past, both in China and elsewhere, stabilisation and laminal decompression were the only types of surgery done on patients with injuries to the spinal column and spinal cord. There was no surgery on the spinal cord itself. However, merely stabilising the spinal column without treating the spinal cord injury is an incomplete treatment...more

Surgery at the chronic stage

Surgery at the chronic stage: We have done surgery on 300 ASIA A spinal injury patients at the chronic stage. The naked eye could see :more


Walking therapy

A therapist guides the person’s legs as he steps, supporting his own weight. This method stimulates the entire nervous system and encourages recovery of residual function.


Training the upper limbs and hands, to increase independence.


Lower limb exercises strengthen muscles and prevent atrophy.

ADL training

Learning new techniques for everyday activities.


Learning techniques for getting in and out of cars, and how to dismantle and reassemble one’s wheelchair.


  Dr Zhu Hui was the chief investigator of the first international clinical trial of Umbilical Cord Blood Stem Cell Transplant for the Treatment of Spinal Cord Injury conducted by Professor Wise Young and Kwok Fai So.
  Dr Zhu Hui was approved by the Health Division of the Chinese military to lead the《 Schwann cell transplantation for the treatment of spinal cord injury 》 programme.
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