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Summary of attending the 3rd Annual Scientific Meeting of the Cell Surgical Network

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  Director Zhu Hui, deputy director Liu Yansheng and secretary Feng Xiaoqing of the International Spinal Cord Injury Treatment Center at Kunming Tongren Hospital have been invited by Dr. Mark Berman, MD, FACS, who is the Co-medical Director of Cell Surgical Network(CSN), a Fellow of the American College of Surgeons, and the recipient of Lifetime Achievement Award to attend the 3rd Annual Scientific Meeting of the Cell Surgical Network.

  In America, Precision Medicine is an international advanced medical treatment model which is an innovative approach that takes into account individual differences in people’s genes, environments, and lifestyles.

  President of US, Obama announced that he’s launching the Precision Medicine Initiative in his 2015 State of Union address, and believed that the Precision Medicine Initiative will pioneer a new era of medical research. With the support of the government, stem cell technique has a spectacular development in US.

  Dr. Zhu believes that in 21st century, medical research has already stepped into the field of regenerative medicine, which mainly about cell transplantation and genetic recombination. Research of cell transplantation in China actually had some progress, but the incident of Wei Zexi has sparked a hug outcry in China, and the cell research in Whole China has been impacted enormously .

  In her opinion, China has more advantages in doing cell treatment research, mainly because most of the Chinese doctors are innovative, and doctors can accumulate much more experiences of treatment due to there is a large quantity of the patients in China.

  Dr. Zhu Hui has been invited as a speaker on the meeting, and her speech title was the Novel therapeutic strategies for the treatment of spinal cord injury. Even though, the content was not about cell transplantation, it’s not affected the enthusiasm of the audience at all. “ OH, MY GOD!” has been heard several times during the meeting when audience saw the video about the necrotic tissue gushing out from the injured spinal cord after opened up the dura. When they saw the patient who was standing up and making steps, the conference room resounded with waves of heavy applause.

  During the meeting, Dr. Berman expressed his thought, which he believed that better results can be achieved by combining the unique technique from Dr. Zhu’s team and cell transplantation in treating spinal cord injury.

  By the time Dr. Zhu’s presentation finished, Dr. Berman, Elliot B.Lander, the Co-medical Director of CSN and Austin Knudsen, the Executive Director of the International Cell Surgical Society(ICSS) awarded for the guests from China (Zhu Hui, Liu Yansheng and Feng xiaoqing), and they were the only award recipients for the whole meeting. The hosts expressed their recognition of Zhu Hui team’s devotion, effort, and remarkable innovation in the treatment of spinal cord injury and also their respects to the team by this special event. And during that time, the audience burst into applause.

  Dr. Berman said to Zhu Hui several times,“thank you for attending our meeting and the excellent presentation delivery, your presentation was a highlight of the whole meeting.” Steve, the CEO of Restem, Cell surgical Network, China said “this is the first time I’ve heard spontaneous and such heavy applause in the middle of the presentation for all annual meetings, that’s crazy.” After the meeting, there was a guest said to Dr. Zhu “ except doctors, all American people should listen to your presentation.”

  During the break, lost of guests approached to Dr. Zhu and expressed their interests of the presentation.

  There were few guests expressed their desire to visit the Spinal Cord Injury Treatment Center at Kunming Tongren Hospital, or collaborate with Dr. Zhu’s team. Academician Kwok-Fai So, and Professor Xiaoming Xu and other experts sent their congrats to Dr. Zhu for the successful speech.