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Walking therapy TIME:2013-09-26

A therapist guides the person’s legs as he steps, supporting his own weight. This method stimulates the entire nervous system and encourages recovery of residual function.   Development of a practical walking therapy method fo...

OT TIME:2013-09-02

Training the upper limbs and hands, to increase independence.

PT TIME:2013-09-02

Lower limb exercises strengthen muscles and prevent atrophy.

Activities of Daily Living TIME:2013-09-02

Learning new techniques for everyday activities

Car transfer TIME:2013-09-02

Learning techniques for getting in and out of cars, and how to dismantle and reassemble one’s wheelchair

The Kunming Walking Method TIME:2013-11-08

  Development of a practical walking therapy method for people with spinal cord injury and the “Kunming walking scale”   Below :   LevelⅠ:Able to sit in wheelchair   LevelⅡ:Able to stand with support of the wheeled walke...
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