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Schwann cell transplantation for the treatment of spinal cord injury TIME:2013-09-23
ChinaSCINet Trials Yield Promising Results for Chronic Spinal Cord Injury TIME:2013-09-23
Collaboration in International Clinical Trials of Umbilical Cord Blood Cell Tran... TIME:2013-09-23
Zeit Online TIME:2013-09-23
Hong Kong stem-cell trial gives spinal patients hope _ Space, Military and Medic... TIME:2013-09-23
Gesundheit___Forscher_sehen_Heilungschance_für_Rückenmarkssch__den_-_Nachrichten... TIME:2013-09-23
Doctor_claims_breakthrough_in_race_for_spinal_‘cure’_-_thenews.com TIME:2013-09-23
Design & Trend TIME:2013-09-23
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