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Leisure and recreation

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  Week-end and holiday activities at the hospital

     Staff and programme members brought an assortment of dishes to share with Kelvin on his 12th birthday.  Dr Zhu provided the delicious tiramisu cake. 

      Programme members, staff and friends celebrate Mid-Autumn Festival in the 2nd floor recreation room.

Celebrating the official opening of the Spinal Cord Injury Treatment Centre’s new rehab area. 

Here at Tongren Hospital we definitely believe in Santa Claus!

  Places to visit near Kunming

  Programme members and staff feed the Siberian seagulls who come to Kunming every winter.

  Programme members, staff and friends enjoy a night out

  A wonderful picnic on the hospital lawn!

Fuxian Lake

    With clean water and beautiful scenery, Fuxian Lake is a popular week-end destination a few hours’ drive from Kunming.

Dianchi Lake

China’s eighth largest freshwater lake. Lakefront boardwalk is wheelchair-friendly and a pleasant spot for a stroll.

Yunnan Minorities Park 

      Yunnan is home to many ethnic minorities. At the Minorities Park you can learn about their customs and way of life, watch a colourful music and dance performance and taste some of their typical foods.