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  •       Prospective patients will be asked to email their medical history and MRIs (from immediately post-injury as well as the most recent MRIs) and/or X rays
  •       After arrival you will meet with the medical team to discuss your medical history in detail.  You will have a comprehensive medical check-up including ASIA assessment, spasticity assessment (Ashworth), Walking index for Spinal Cord Injury (WISCI), Kunming Locomotor Scale (KLS), pain level assessment(VISUAL ANALOG SCALE), MRIs, blood, urine and stool tests and liver function test. Someone from the Overseas Patient Services Team will accompany you throughout this process. Following evaluation of your medical history, MRIs and the results of clinical examinations, the medical team may or may not recommend surgery.
  •       If surgery is advised and you agree, surgery will be carried out as soon as possible.
  •       If surgery is not advised or if you do not wish to undergo surgery, you will begin the rehabilitation programme immediately.