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Early surgical intervention combined with patient-initiative ambulation training... TIME:2013-09-26
Scientific research project results / awards received by Dr Zhu Hui TIME:2013-09-23
2012 PLoS ONE (Liu et al) Stretcher TIME:2013-09-22
重视脊柱脊髓损伤的围手术期研究 TIME:2013-09-22
脊髓损伤早期手术及康复训练的疗效分析 TIME:2013-09-22
人胚胎雪旺细胞脊髓内移植治疗晚期脊髓损伤 TIME:2013-09-22
Glial Response and Myelin Clearance in Area Degeneration after Spinal Cord Hemis... TIME:2013-09-22
Glycomimetic Improves Recovery after Femoral TIME:2013-09-22
Early neurosurgical intervention of spinal cord contusion an analysis of 30 case... TIME:2013-09-22
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